Semifinals Qualifying Moments of India - CT 2017

Moments After Winning Semi-final Match

Watch the moments after India won the Match against south Africa champions trophy 2017, chasing 192 in just 38 overs.

One of the World's Awesome Place

Awesome place in the world

Every will dream to visit a place where they can feel comfortable to enjoy some part of their life, just to forget every stress or every problem they faced in their entire life.

Navogio Beach in Greece : Most Beautiful And  Awesome Place

The Place where you dream to visit will give you the most forgettable memory in your entire life.Watch one of the World's Awesome place, you must visit in your life, navagio beach in Greece. Most beautiful and awesome place.

Bangladesh Celebrations After they Qualified for Semifinals

Winning Celebrations Of Bangladesh, Qualified To Semifinals

Watch how the Bangladesh cricket team celebrates after they Qualified for semifinals knocking out New Zealand team out of the champions trophy 2017 series.

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes | God Of Cricket

Sachin Tendulkar Quotes

watch the video of sachin tendulkar quotes said in his cricket life.

Telangana Formation Day | Statehood Movement's History

Telangana state formed in 2014 June , for which they began to struggle from 1955. It is the 29th state of India and being the youngest state of India, claimed better awards for various social works by the Telangana government.  Here is the special lighting system arranged at Tankbund, Narayanaguda and Himayathnagar on Telangana formation day.

Indian Cricket Team Chat During Practice Session

Indian Cricket Team Chat Before Start Of The Match

Watch the Indian Cricket team discussion during the practice sessions in England, Champions Trophy 2017.

Sachin Tendulkar is honoured with Indian Highest Civilian Award

 Sachin Tendulkar Honoured By President with Indian Highest Civilian Award

 Lord of Cricket, Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar is honoured by President of India Pranab mukherjee with Indian Highest Civilian Award.

Huge Winning Run Total For India vs Bangladesh

India Won With Huge Run Total In One Test Match Series In Hyderabad

Watch the highlights of the only test match between India and Bangladesh. India won the match with huge winning run total. As usual Virat Kohli showed the one of best performance of his career with double century which gave India a huge total in the first innings itself. Indian bowlers gave their tremendous performance collapsing the Bangladesh batsmen twice to get the huge winning run total and an innings.

Beautiful View Of Niagara Falls

One Of The Best View Of Niagara Falls

Best view of Niagara Falls which is situated borders of between Ontario, Canada and New York, united states. Must visit place to view. Niagara falls is separated in to two by an island named goat island, one is horseshoe falls(water drops from 53 m height) and  other is American falls (water drops from 21-30m height).