Lenovo Moto Z Play Amazing Gesture Features.

Know Lenovo Moto Z play Gestures.

1.Approach For Moto Display

Turn ON this option and Reach for your device to trigger Moto Display.When Your keep the hand in front of the display, it will detect to trigger your Moto Display.

2.Double Karate Chop For Torch

When this option is in ON Mode, When you double chop the Moto device, torch will get into ON Mode and in the same way when you again chop the Moto device, the torch of your mobile will get into Off Mode.

3.Flip For "Do Not Disturb"

By Turning this option into ON Mode, When you flip the device like facing the phone display down will get you device into Silence Mode for Calls and Notifications.

4.Pick Up To Stop Ringing

When this option is Active, this feature will give your device to get into Vibration mode immediately when you lift the phone while it is ringing.

5.Swipe To Shrink Screen

When this option is in active mode, you can make your screen smaller for one-handed use by swiping up left or right.

6.Twist For Quick Capture

When this option is in ON Mode, will get your device camera open in shortcut way by twisting your wrist twice quickly.